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Copper sulfate plating solution recipe

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Copper sulfate plating solution recipe

Vertical Type Continuous Copper and Nickel Electroplating Line for HDI, FPC, and FPCB Coating. The vertical type continuous plating lines are fully automated and maintain strict thickness uniformity copper and nickel coating solutions. They are designed to be used with both insoluble and soluble anodes.

(2) Electroplating experiment process: heat up the prepared electroplating solution to 70℃, keep the pH value stable at 8.0 during the electroplating process, and the current density is 10A/din2; the anode is made of stainless steel and electroplated for 1 hour.Nickel electroplating is a process of nickel deposition over a part immersed into an electrolyte solution and used as a cathode, when the nickel anode is being dissolved into the electrolyte in form of the nickel ions traveling through the solution and depositing on the cathode surface. Surface preparation Prior to plating operation the cathode (work piece) surface should be cleaned from ...Answer. You can experiment with copper sulphate crystals. Mix them with warm water. The amount of crystals used will give you different shades of copper, some looking much like brass. Start out with 1 tablespoon of crystals to 1 cup of warm water. Test the results on some solder. Keep adding crystals until you get the desired effect.

Contact Plating Solution Recipe. All safety warnings apply. Always add Acid to Water!! Goggles/Gloves! 250 grams copper sulfate (CuSO 4) Technical grade chemicals for this solution is fine. 42 cc sulfuric acid; Distilled water to the 1000 ml level. Put about 800cc water into plastic or glass container after marking the 1000cc level on it.