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Darley fire pumps

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Darley fire pumps

Hempfield Fire Equipment, LLC 111 Oak Hill Drive, Jeannette, PA 15644 W.S. Darley & Co. Western PA Sales Rep Pittsburgh Fire Equipment Fire Apparatus Fire Pumps Fire Retardant Fire Trucks BIGWIG Rescue Tool Akron Nozzles Phos-Chek Fire Retardant, Class A Foam

W. S. Darley & Company is one of the United State's leading suppliers of fire equipment and apparatus throughout the United States with experience of more than 100 years. Based in Chippewa Falls, Wis., the firm specializes in manufacturing, engineering, research and development operations. It serves fire and emergency service markets.

W.S. Darley & Co. has always been a leader in portable fire pump design. The High-Volume Fire Pump is easy-starting, portable, and lightweight. Features. Engine: Briggs & Stratton I/C 18 HP Twin Cylinder, with integral fuel pump, 42.33 cu. inch displacement, dual circuit 3 amp unregulated DC for charging and separate AC circuit for lights.