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Katech torquer 110 dyno

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Katech torquer 110 dyno

Performances et fiabilité d'une C6 Z06 ? oui donc les Z06 sont fiables. Pour l'embrayage, il l'est aussi à condition de pas taper dedans (burn,...). J'ai failli prendre un embrayage de C6 Z06 pour ma C5 (ils sont pas cher en plus), finalement j'ai pas pris car réputé fragile pour mon usage.Highly recommended. You get about 490hp with fantastic street manners all with only a cam change. Also the Katech LS3 torquer is a great cam in my opinion. Get your cam spec'd from this gentleman (PatG). He is famous on the LS forums. It costs $25. He has exotic modeling programs and thousands of dyno pull files under his belt.

Katech Torquer LS7: Corrected Trq & Hp 240 260 280 300 320 340 360 380 400 420 440 460 480 500 520 540 560 580 600 3200 3600 4000 4400 4800 5200 5600 6000 6400 6800 RPM CHp and CTrq OEM LS7 OEM LS7 Katech Torquer LS7 Katech Torquer LS7 Data Corrected to STP J-607. Title: Cam Comparison - Torquer LS7.xls Author: jhardingKatech's Torquer 110 Camshaft ( Race Cam Lope and street friendly) - C5R timing chain- West Coast Cylinder Stage 2 Heads; Ported/polished, - Bronze valve guide- Titanium valve spring retainer- Katech ti/mo intake valves- Katech LS9R Clutch Kit, Twin disk clutch with enhanced ZR1 pressure plate (for 20% more capacity) 8lbs lighter than stock ...

DFW or FLW Files A Package of more than 2925 flow files for use with Dyno simulation programs. I have formatted each cylinder heads information into individual files for use with different versions of DeskTop Dyno, DynoSim, Comp Cams CamQuest program, Dynomation Versions 4 and 5 and Performance Trends Engine Analyzer.