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Longhorn mountvolume setup failed for volume


Longhorn mountvolume setup failed for volume

If the volume is created from backup or gets expanded, there will be a snapshot hidden by the system. (You can check it by enabling the switch Show System Hidden).; Since you mentioned nodes except for cubi001 are rebooted, the snapshots in the directory are caused by the rebuild.; But if there is only one hidden snapshot in the volume and the replica directory mentioned above belongs to an ...Warning FailedMount 1m (x2 over 2m) kubelet, wkr04 MountVolume.SetUp failed for volume "pvc-ebe54b0a-40dd-11ea-8dad-42010a920004" : rpc error: code = Internal desc = failed to attach volume: All replica nodes are down

Next, reload the Longhorn dashboard page to verify that the YugabyteDB volumes are correctly set up. The number of volumes should now be visible. To manage the volumes, click on Volume .

Warning FailedMount 1m (x11 over 7m) kubelet, css-mpisd-web3 MountVolume.SetUp failed for volume "lib-dir" : hostPath type check failed: /lib/modules is not a directory. Followed that doc and a few others around the plugin; I confirmed iscsi, the plugin, discovered the drives, even mounted to the host from Nutanix.解决k8s集群中mount volume失败的问题. 有的时候,k8s中挂载了rbd存储的pod重启后会持续处于ContainerCreating的状态,describe后发现有MountVolume.Setup failed以及Unable to mount volumes for pod xxx的错误描述。. 这种情况看上去是rbd设备挂载到pod上失败,但真实原因往往是pod迁移后 ...